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10 Ways To Search Google For Information

In our modern generation of super technology and excessive-speed internet connections, you may locate data on really whatever. In the space of just a few seconds, we can find that how to make recipes or learn all about the smallest particle that is present in nature. On internet, there is vast body knowledge is present and this may take hours rather than minutes to find more precious information. That is why we have prepared a list of the most effective methods for looking Google that will help you locate the valuable material you are looking for in just couple of seconds.

1. Search By Using Synonyms
Synonyms have a vast part in English language. Sometimes, this could be very handy while doing online research. If you have to find websites on a given subject in preference to those that consist of a particular phrase, add the symbol "~" (without Quotation Marks) to your search.
For instance, in case you search for the term " wholesome ~meal" you may get outcomes about the principles of healthful consuming, cooking recipes as well as healthy eating options.

2. Either This Or That
Sometimes we’re not confident that we've successfully remembered the records or the name we want to begin our search. However, this ought not to be a problem! Simply put a few variations of what you're seeking out, and separate them by typing "or" between them. Instead of this, you can also use the symbol "|". Then it’s more convenient to pick out the result that makes the maximum sense.
For example, in case you search "deepika padukone or katrina" you'll get results like given below.

3. Searching Within Websites
Often you read an exciting article on an internet site and later find it yourself, wanting to share it with your buddies or just reread it. The perfect manner to discover the desired piece of that information again is to look within that specific website. To do this, type the full address of that specific website, then complete phrase or a keyword from that article and it will come up at once.
For example, in case you want to search "dark knight" within

4. When Lots Of Words Are Missing
If you have forgotten a part of a phrase rather than a single keyword, try typing first words and last words and putting "AROUND+(the approximate number of words that are missing in the phrase) between them.
For example, "But I have AROUND(4) to go before I sleep"

5. Prevent Unimportant Search Words
To put off unimportant search phrases from your query, type a minus symbol "-" before each one. 
For example, in case you want to find a website about soccer shoes, but you aren't looking to buy them, simply you can write the following below:
"soccer shoes –buy"

6. Searching Similar Websites
If you've found something that you virtually like on internet and need to discover comparable websites, type "related:" and then full address of that specific website (without a space between them)
For example,

7. Using A Time Frame
Sometimes you need to search events that occurred during a certain period of time. To accomplish that, you can add a time frame in your search query by typing 3 dots "..." between the dates. 
For example, if you need to search for scientific discoveries for the duration of the 19th century, you can write:

8. Searching For A URL or Title
To help find the keywords from a URL use "inurl:" before the search term (without spaces between them). 
To find the keywords and name of an article from a Title, use "intitle:"
For example:

9. Specific And Whole Phrases
The most useful way to find out something specific and in the exact order you typed it in is to framing the search term within quotation marks.
For example, in case you type in the words Come on save me without quotation marks, the search engine will show you the results where these words appear in any order on a website, instead of that specific order in which you typed them.
On the other side, in case you type "come on save me" within quotation marks then you'll get only those results where these words are in the order you type them in.
Tip:This is a very useful technique to find the lyrics of a song when you only know one line from it.

10. The Power Of The Asterisk
When your foxy memory decides to prevent you from recalling that one key word, number or phrase, you need that allows you to discover what you’re looking for, you can use powerful symbol "*"
Just use the power symbol in the place of the word or phrase you forget,  and you will be able to locate the results you're searching for.
For example, 192.16*


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