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My Computer Has Been Hacked. How do I know?

Maximum computer problems are not as a result of hackers. It is more convenient for a computer to be hijacked by a virus then to be hacked. It's far hard to determine who hacked a Computer or locate who is actively hacking. Here are the most commonplace matters that you can observe after a PC has been hacked.

New programs
Check your computer, if there is any new program which you did not installed and it is there, may be your computer is being hacked. It is an indication of hacking and you are at risk. This program will be active and you can check it from task manager. It would be running. Speed of your computer would also be affected due to these programs.

If you do have passwords and they are being changed automatically, it is an indication of hacking. It includes both types of passwords, online passwords as well as local computer passwords.

Spam E-mails
If your friends are receiving an e-mail from your side and you have not sent it to them, your e-mail is compromised. Your e-mail account will be used to spread spam and viruses. There can be another case in which you get strange e-mails from unknown resources. After opening these e-mails your computer will automatically start downloading malicious programs.

Note:- E-mail addresses can also be spoofed without hacking the account. If you have changed your E-mail password but your friends retain to get e-mails 
that you have not sent, it indicates that someone is spoofing your e-mail address.

Network Activity 
If your network activity has been increased by many folds without your any action on internet, it is another clear indication that your computer is hacked. Better option it to first disconnect from internet and then install security programs immediately. 

Unknown Programs Requesting Access
Firewalls help us to secure our computer system from hacker’s imminent threats. It restricts access of such programs for security purposes and saves our computer. If your computer asks you for access to the programs which you do not know at all, rest assure someone is trying to hack your computer. It is better to avoid such programs and there is no need to install them. If you install them, your computer will be at risk which would be an invitation for hackers to hack your computer without any difficulty. Always use updated version of security programs for your computer protection from an authentic resource.

Security Programs Uninstalled
Some programs like anti-virus programs, firewall and any other anti-malware programs are utilized to protect our computer system from hacking. They provide necessary protection against hackers. If these programs have stopped working, disabled or uninstalled automatically without your permission, it is a clear indication of an attack on your computer system. You have to check them and reinstall them immediately. Before this, disconnect your internet connection to get better results.

Computer Is Doing Things At Its Own
Another clear indication is that your computer will start taking action at its own. Your computer will be controlled remotely. If you see that curser of your mouse is moving at its own and your computer is typing automatically then your computer is hacked. They are going to exploit it, they will take full control of your computer and change complete setting of your computer security system.

Internet Browser Homepage
If you observe that your browser settings are being changed again and again it is a symptom of an attack on your computer. Toolbar can also be added to this. Change in default searching engine is another clear indication of attack on your computer system. It also includes removing of your browsing history, changing in homepage setting, and bookmarks removal or addition.

Internet Downloads
Download history can also tell you that either your computer is under attack or not. A computer who would be probably under attack it will have many suspicious programs and documents in its download history. There can be many doubtful files attached to those documents which will make it possible for hackers to control your computer sitting miles away. These documents and files will be automatically saved in your computer.


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