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Protect Your Computer From Virus

What is computer virus?
Computer virus is a program that may disturb the normal working of a computer without the knowledge or permission of the use. Virus attaches itself to the files in flash drives, hard disks and email attachments. A file containing a virus is called infected file. The virus is activated when the infected file is executed.

Damage to the computer
Computer virus can not damage computer hardware. It may cause many damages to a computer system. A virus can:
  1. A computer virus can damage data or software on the computer.
  2. It can delete some or all files on the computer system.
  3. It can destroy all data by formatting hard drive.
  4. It may display a political or false message every few times.
  5. It may send user information to other person.

How does virus spread?
A virus is spread on different computers due to the following reasons:

1: Email

The viruses are most commonly spread through emails. An email may contain an infected file attachment. Virus can spread if the user opens and downloads an email with infected file.

2: Networks
Virus can spread if the user connects with a computer network that contains virus. Internet is an example of such a network. When a user downloads a file infected with virus from Internet, the virus is copied to computer. It may infect the files stored on the computer.

3: Removable storage media
Floppy disks, CDs and flash drives are important means of exchanging data. A virus can also be copied from one computer to other when the user copies infected files using these devices.

4: Pirated software
The illegal copy of software is called pirated software. Virus can spread if the user installs pirated software that consists of a virus. A number of pirated software is available in CDs and from Internet. Some companies intentionally adds virus in the programs. The virus is activated itself if the user uses the software without purchasing a license. 

Activation of virus
When the computer virus starts working, it is called the activation of virus.
A virus normally runs all the time in the computer. Different viruses are activated in different ways. Many viruses are activated on a certain date. For example, a popular virus Friday 13th virus is activated only if the date is 13 and day is Friday. 

How can we protect the computer system from viruses?
Virus infects a computer system if Antivirus software is not installed. Latest Antivirus
software should be installed on the computer to protect it from viruses. A computer system can be protected from viruses by following these precautions:
  1. The latest anti-virus should be installed on the computer.
  2. The Antivirus software must be upgraded regularly.
  3. Turn on the firewall of your OS.
  4. The floppy disks and CDs should be scanned for viruses before use.
  5. Junk or unknown emails should not be opened.
  6. Unauthorized or pirated software should not be installed on computer.
  7. An important way of protection against virus is the use of backup of data. The backup is used if the virus deletes data or modifies it.
  8. Freeware and shareware software from the Internet normally contain viruses. It is important to check the software before using them.
  9. Save your data in Zip files to avoid from viruses.


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