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80 Brilliant Little Tips For Photoshop

As we know that, this is an age of creativity and the growing number of Photoshop artists out there. So, we decided to find some little Photoshop tips to help talent to grow.
That's why we make a list of 80 brilliant Photoshop tips & tricks, each of them could save a lot of time and efforts.
  1. Press Shift + Tab to hide palettes. Press only Tab button to hide palettes as well as toolbar.
  2. To move palettes or toolbar to the side of the window, press Shift + left click on the palettes or on the blue stripe of the toolbar.
  3. To minimize any palette window, Double click on the upper blue stripe in it.
  4. To open an existing document, Double click on the gray background.
  5. If you don't like the dull gray background, Select the Paint Bucket Tool and then press Shift + click on the background. It will change to the color you choose.
  6. Use Alt + Ctrl + A to select the all layers at once.
  7. Need a sharper cursor? press Caps Lock button.
  8. If you want to work in different display options, press F button to choose three different options. These three different display options will make the workbench larger.
  9. Hold Ctrl button to change any tool to "Move Tool". Release Ctrl button to change it back to the previous selected tool.
  10. Can't draw a straight line with a pencil or brush? click once at the beginning of your line, and then press Shift + click at the endpoint.
  11. To create a copy of an image then press Ctrl + Alt + click and move it with your cursor.
  12. Hold the Space button to change any tool to "Hand Tool".Release Space button to change it back to the previous selected tool.
  13. To Zoom Press Ctrl + Space + click, To zoom out press Alt + Space + click
  14. If you want to zoom in or out by percentage points then use Ctrl and + or
  15. If you want to take a sample of your background color then press and Hold Alt button with the Eyedropper Tool.
  16. To measure the angle between two lines, draw 1st line with "Measure Tool" and then press and hold the Alt button and draw a 2nd line out from the endpoint of 1st one.
  17. To undo or redo a number of actions, Use Ctrl + Z or Ctrl + Alt + Z or Ctrl + Shift + Z
  18. To paint the image in the foreground use Alt + Backspace buttons, To paint the image in the background color use Ctrl + Backspace buttons. Shift + Backspace buttons will open the Paint Bucket window. Alt + Shift + Backspace buttons will paint your image in the foreground where Ctrl + Shift + Backspace will paint your image in the background color, while leaving transparent patches as they are.
  19. To undo or redo selection use Ctrl + D and Ctrl + Shift + D, respectively.
  20. To make the starting point the center of a selection choose Marquee Tool and then press and hold Alt button.
  21. To merge all visible layers, use Ctrl + Shift + E buttons while Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E  buttons will merge a copy of all visible layers into one new layer. 
  22. To repeat the most recent transformations, press Ctrl + Shift + T buttons.To transform a copy of the object press and Hold the Alt button and Free Transforming (Ctrl + T).
  23. By using the Crop Tool, the size of the canvas can be easily increased — expand it over the canvas borders and then press OK.
  24. To make a copy of the current layer, use  Ctrl + J buttons.
  25. While using the Marquee Tool, create a selection and press and hold Space button to move the field, to continue selecting just release the Space button.
  26. To change the layer blend mode into Normal, Multiply, Screen, Dissolve or Overlay , use Shift and or  + buttons.
  27. You can change the transparency of any layer by pressing a number on the keyboard (not matter if any other tool is chosen).for example press 6, to change the transparency to 60% , if you want to make it more precise then press and hold 6 and then press 3 to get 63% transparency.
  28. Press and hold the Alt button and click the eye icon (near the Layer icon on the Layer palette) to hide all layer at once except the current one. 
  29. To take the sample of any color from the outside of Photoshop then resize the Photoshop window so that you can see the outside image to take a sample from, now select the Eyedropper Tool and click inside the Photoshop window, drag the cursor outside without releasing the Click. 
  30. To create Clipping Mask, choose a layer and press and Hold the Alt button, then click on the border between the upper layer and the lower one, thus  the lower layer will replace the mask and the upper layer will be visible within the lower layer.
  31. If you want to open the window with new layer settings, just click on Create New Layer on the Layer palette while holding Alt button.
  32. To delete the selected layer without asking, press and hold the Alt button and click on the Trash Can icon on the Layer palette.
  33. If you want to create a short preview for each file that is currently opened in Photoshop in a separate document then use the following command: File > Automate > Contact Sheet II
  34. The information of your document/file may lost, when you use Save for Web option. To prevent the data lost always use Save As option for saving the file.
  35. By selecting Move Tool, pressing and holding Alt button and left clicking the Gridline, a horizontal Gridline can be easily transformed into a vertical Gridline, and vice versa.
  36. If you want to copy the mask, press and Hold Alt button and drag a layer mask to another layer.
  37. You can lighten an applied filter with Fade by using Shift + Ctrl + F buttons.
  38. By pressing and Holding the Alt button and pressing L button three times, you can delete a current layer.
  39. If you want to delete several layers at once, make a Group of them, and simply drag this Group to Trash Can icon in the Layer palette.
  40. If you want to add another layer to a layer group, simply press and hold Ctrl + Shift buttons and click a part of the object located on another layer.
  41. If you want to select any layer by using Move Tool, simply click the necessary part of an object, and press and hold the Ctrl button.
  42. Want to see a magic? If yes then follow the steps:
    · create a new Photoshop file of 500×500 px
    · make a new layer
    · select Brush Tool of any diameter, which has standard round shape
    · put a dot in the upper middle part of the layer/image (like 12 position of time clock).
    · Now make a copy of the dot by using Ctrl + Alt + T buttons, they will allow you to transform it.
    · Drag a Pivot Point, the dot in the center of the transformed object.
    · Now put it right into the center of image.
    ·  write an angle of 30 degrees and press OK.
    ·  Now, to the magic press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + T ten times!!!!!!
  43. Like creating a layer copy, you can place a layer on any other image that is opened in Photoshop by pressing and holding Shift button while dragging to center the layer contents.
  44. While working with the text Ctrl + Enter will end writing, and only pressing Enter will create a new line.
  45. If you want to merge all the palettes, then drag the tag of any tab to other tags and palettes, and it will move where you show it.
  46. If you want to create object selection in selected layer, then use Ctrl + click on the Layer icon. Use Ctrl + click on the Layer icon and hold down Shift as well to select more than one object in several layers.
  47. Press Alt button to transform Dodge Tool into Burning Tool, and vice versa.
  48. The large brackets, [ and ] are used to reduce or increase the size of Brush tool, respectively. Where Shift + [ or ] keys are used to reduce or increase its hardness.
  49. To create a new layer in the file in which you are working, press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N buttons. While using Ctrl + Shift + N buttons will create a new layer with a dialog window pop-up
  50. To organize your work neatly select all the layers and make a Group by pressing Ctrl + G
  51. To draw straight lines with a 45 degree angle tick by using Polygonal Lasso Tool, just press and hold the Shift button and start drawing.
  52. To create a black mask of any layer, use Alt + left click on the Create Layer Mask icon.
  53. By pressing and holding the Alt button and left click on the layer mask, you can see the contents of it.
  54. If you want to select the layer contents, just Ctrl + left click on the Layer icon in the Layer palette.
  55. If Layers palette is not showing, just Press F7 button to show.
  56. To show the Brushes settings palette, just press F5 button.
  57. If you want to reset the color of foreground and the background, just press D button and it will reset to its default values.
  58. If you want to exchange the foreground and background colors, just press X button.
  59. To undo the most recent step, when you are using Polygonal Lasso Tool, just press Backspace button.
  60. Ctrl + Alt + [+] and Ctrl + Alt + [-] keys can increase or reduces the size of the window as well as zooms it in or zooms out, respectively.
  61. Ctrl + [+] and Ctrl + [-] keys will zooms the image in or zooms the image out, respectively.
  62. Press Ctrl and + keys to zoom in, Press Ctrl and - keys to zoom out.
  63. Press Ctrl + H to hide/unhide the Gridlines.
  64. By using Ctrl + [ or ] keys you can move the selected layer up or down.
  65. By using Alt + [ or ] keys you can change your active/selected layer.
  66. Ctrl + Alt + up, down, right or left arrow keys will copy the selected layer and moves it by 1px.
  67. If you want to create a copy of any object that you want to transform then use Ctrl + Alt + T keys.
  68. Alt + left or right arrow and Ctrl + Alt + left or right arrow will change the symbol spacing by 10 or by 100, respectively.
  69. If you have written any text line and selected it, just click in the Choose Font Type window and use up, down, left or right arrow keys to change the font type.
  70. Press Ctrl + H buttons to deselect the text that is already selected when you are working with text.
  71. To expand the image to fit the screen just Double click on the Hand Tool. To return the level of zoom to 100% immediately, just Double click on the Zoom Tool.
  72. You can change the diameter of Brush tool by using [ and ] keys.
  73. To merge the selected layer with the one below, use Ctrl + E keys.
  74. Use Ctrl + V, Ctrl + A, Ctrl + X, keys to center the image precisely.
  75. To show the Rulers (scale), use Ctrl + R.
  76. If you will copy the drawing in Illustrator and paste it in Photoshop then it will ask you whether you want to save it in Shape format or in pixel.
  77. Ctrl + Shift + H keys can hide/show the path that you have created with Pen Tool.
  78. To copy any step from the History, just press and hold the Alt button and click on that step that you want to copy in the History.
  79. If you want to copy something, when you select Move Tool then press and Hold the Alt button and drag the image. To easily move along the Gridlines, press and hold Shift + Alt buttons.
  80. Use Ctrl + S to Save and Ctrl + Shift + S for Save As.

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